One of THOSE Days

After such an interesting weekend, the last two days were…anticlimactic to say the least.

Yes, I’ve been feeling rather unmotivated of late. I think it started while I was monitoring the progress of Monday’s free book promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always pleased to have my books read because that’s kind of the point why I publish in the first place. But when the promotion ended and the sales rankings began to drop again, it did make me question why I do this in the first place. For about a half-second.

My original plan was to get Parallax out and then take a break until January when I would work on the sequel. However, I weighed the pros and cons of not writing (as if I had a choice) and decided to work on a separate project (Lights and Shadows) to fill in that three-month gap. Then the Blahs set in and nothing much got done except a strong urge to relax and turn off the Thinker.

So, now I’m back at it. Being unmotivated is a normal and natural thing because let’s face it, we can’t be “on” 24/7 for extended periods without the machinery eventually groaning in protest. Obviously, I’m going to be picking up the slack over this but I’m more than up for the challenge. 🙂