Change of Habits

We all go through Life developing a certain rhythm of how we spend our time. Some never make waves and go with the flow while others are like salmon, always swimming against the current while trying to avoid hungry bears waiting near every waterfall.

I’m somewhere in the middle…

Weekends are times where I slow down a little and decompress while working the Day Job. The decompression doesn’t always come off, but I keep trying because the effort is worth it.

I’ve made some changes recently. I’ve begun curtailing my social media activities to free up more time for writing and I never realized how much writing time I could free up by not playing around on Facebook or Twitter, though the blog still gets posted in these places.

I’ve also started cutting back on those times where I check Amazon to see how my books are doing. While it’s good to see my work being read and watching how the rankings go up and down, the fancy graphs and reports can be distracting because they can feed into potential insecurities and even the most confident of individuals have a few nagging fears in them. To be honest, all I ever get out of them is a nagging voice in my head telling me to write and put out more books…hehe.

Changing up your habits from time to time is a good thing. I say this because we should always strive to learn and grow as people. It’s Evolution and you can either embrace Change and work with it for your benefit or be dragged along kicking and screaming.