2 Really Smart New Habits To Start Today

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What is the #1 Habit you can stop today that will benefit much of what you do?

Stop expecting something to go wrong. Sure it is okay to have a mindset of realistic optimism, but try replacing the somewhat cynical notion of Murphy’s Law with  “Something GOOD is going to happen today.” Even just saying it makes me smile.


What is the #1 Habit you can start today that will benefit much of what you do?

Try planning your day for success. For every one minute of planning you do (mapping out your day), 10 minutes of work and effort will be saved. Stop writing “to do” lists and start designing you day for progress.  Be more intentional. Breakdown your goals and do one thing that will get you a step closer to achieving them.

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Living in The Moment and Other Such Nonsense

Today’s topic is about nonsensical advice and how it can really mess you up. For Brevity’s Sake, I’m only going to discuss two particular pieces of crap advice that’s been going around because if I went after every one of them, I’d never get this article written. For my British readers, this is what they call “taking the piss” so without further ado, let us begin:

1) Living in The Moment: First up on The Chopping Block is this little gem that never fails to stick in my craw. Don’t ask where the Craw is; I’m fairly certain it’s located somewhere down around the posterior end where it belongs. This particular piece of advice has emerged in recent years and in my personal opinion, it’s probably the worst advice that could ever be floated around in Modern Society. It disregards basic common sense because it advises that you should never plan for the future, never consider the consequences of your actions, and to settle for what you have instead of striving for a better life.

For a good part of my 20s and 30s, I tried to live by this and I ended up with bad credit, no personal funds to speak of a good portion of the time, and more headaches than a woodpecker on Monday. I’m sure it was originally intended that you should enjoy Life as it comes and treasure the special moments, and that’s not bad in itself, but we all know that realistically, one must keep one eye on the Present and the other on The Future.

2) You Only Live Once aka YOLO: Whoever came up with this one needs a good tap on the back of the head. First off, it’s pretty obvious that we ALL only live once unless you are a Hindu and believe in Reincarnation, but that’s a topic for another day. Again, there may be a well-meaning intention behind this expression but it’s often used to excuse reckless and irresponsible behavior that beggars all common sense understanding. Unless you want to go through Life becoming intimately familiar with the expression “Sorry, I Effed Up” then disregard this one.

Be selective about which pieces of advice you internalize and remember that you are ultimately responsible for your actions, whether they are successes or not. Failure only occurs when you stop trying. The recent weekend was a very long and arduous affair so I’m looking forward to a much calmer and lower-stress time this week. No writing got done so that always makes me a tad cranky. Until later, hang in there and keep fighting the good fight. 🙂