Change is Rarely a Bad Thing

Lately, I’ve been going through a gut check of sorts to see what’s been working for, and against, me in this journey I call my Writing Career. I’ve read a lot of blogs, experienced many divergent opinions, and tried to incorporate different techniques for evaluation purposes.

What did I discover?

While I’ve uncovered many useful items, I’ve found others that did little or nothing in the grand scheme of things. And that’s okay because experiencing different things is how we learn and grow as people. Yes, I’m egotistical enough to believe that my way is the best possible way for me, bumps bruises scrapes and all.

One of the most recent things I’ve done was to delete my YouTube Channel and remove myself from a very long infatuation with the content being displayed by that particular organization. I mean, I don’t create videos. I write stories and publish them. Anything else is either fluff or at the very least a distraction to keep me from producing my own content. My other social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) will still be around for obvious reasons and I see no need to remove them at the present time.

I’ve also decided that I’m not angry enough to discuss potential hot button topics and when I have, I’ve encountered reactions that are distasteful, to say the least. I don’t have the time to deal with it when I have books that need to be written. Priorities, People.

So, it’s back to discussing topics using an intellectual and analytical perspective, which I feel I do my best work with. Now if those distasteful reactions still come up, I’m still able to rip a few new ones out there but at least I’ll have the benefit of facts on my side.

Thanks for your time and have a great day. 🙂


Sour Grapes

It’s not a revelation that there are people out there who go to out of control lengths to get revenge when their desires are thwarted. Instead of acknowledging and moving on, they resort to smear campaigns to get even with those they think have wronged them in some way.

Are you listening, Bernie?

I saw an article on the news this morning about emails from the DNC that showed their top leadership expressing frustration with Senator Bernie Sanders and an intent to make sure that he never gets the nomination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in fair play and stacking the deck in any one particular favor is a big no-no with me. I’m an Independent so I feel that I can look at this objectively. Plus, I support Trump so this is an academic exercise at best.

Sanders is out but refuses to believe that he is out. To be honest, I’m surprised that he lasted as long as he did in this race and for that, I’ll give him credit. However, he had to know going in that he wasn’t going to stand much of a chance against the “historic precedent” that Hillary Clinton is being advertised under. Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is being marketed as the first potential female president, not the most qualified to be president. There are starving kids in China and Africa so keep the tomatoes holstered, okay?

I guess The Revolution will have to be postponed until 2020.

I don’t do many non-writing posts but this issue was too good to let pass by without some sort of commentary. Thanks for your time. 🙂

Monday Brainstorming


If my current brain activity could be displayed as a meteorological map, most of the US would be safe from bad weather…

Seriously, it’s Monday and I’m been slacking off quite a bit lately by not blogging. I’m going through an intense period of introverted blah blah and not being very active with social media or much involving Internet activities.


It’s Monday and I feel that I should talk about something today, being the beginning of the week and all that so here we go…

1) Brainstorming: Story Ideas have been coming in fast and furious lately so writing them down has become more of a priority than in the past. I would say that for every five ideas that go into the Idea Folder, only about one or two of them actually become complete and published stories. Granted, I’m playing catch-up with cleaning out the folder, but is there a rush? I really don’t think so.

2) Sequels: Amidst my introspection, I’ve found myself considering revisiting the worlds of Corona, The Three Safeties, and Vessel. While I enjoyed putting out these stories, I never planned for them to go any further than one-off stories. I keep very detailed notes so coming up with new material isn’t much of an exercise. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback concerning Vessel so I won’t rule out sequels sometime in the future. I work on one story at a time so nailing down specific dates is problematic at best. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned.

3) Lights and Shadows: Rocking and Rolling through Chapter 13 at a slightly slower pace than usual but moving forward at any rate. I’m working very hard toward getting it finished by the end of September. Between you and me, my enthusiasm for L&S has plateaued a bit, but I’m not one to quit a project after I’ve passed the mid-point.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m off to do some more scribbling elsewhere so much love to you all and have a great day. 🙂

When Life Interrupts…

I blinked and a couple of weeks flew by since the last post, but hopefully the chaos has died down to the point where I can continue to contribute to this thing.

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I am knee deep in daily life that everything else that isn’t essential to my existence gets pushed to the side or neglected. The Day Job makes demands, the pages of a paper notebook get filled on the run and frustration and fatigue mounts to the point where you start avoiding anything to do with that faithful and trusty computer that sits on the desktop waiting to weave some creative tapestry.

That’s been my past two weeks.

I won’t make excuses because even though not a lot of blogging got done lately, a lot of work on Lights and Shadows is getting knocked out and it’s beginning to look like September before I can get it finished, edited, and released before FINALLY putting the time in with the Parallax Sequels. Granted, this blog ranks below stories on the Priority Scale, but it still has value.

So, how are you doing?