Parallax: Genesis, First Rough Draft Intro Preview

It has been my experience that the first lines of any story seem to be the hardest to write. That being said, here is a preview of the Intro to Parallax: Genesis as I am currently working on it:

They jumped. Then reappeared. Then jumped again, the process repeating itself several more nauseating times before they left Normal Space. Everything on board the ship went dead, except for the smell of ozone that drifted up from the Bridge and the faint whoosh of handheld fire extinguishers
After a few more minutes, the remains of emergency power kicked in and he was able to lower himself back down to the Bridge. There, he noticed a gaping hole in the rear bulkhead that had been cut away. Behind the hole lay the remains of part of the ship’s electronics.
He looked at DuBois and the Pis. “Let me guess. We have a new problem.”

     One minute Pratt was asking after a problem; the next he was feeling one as a blast erupted from the rear bulkhead and catapulted him across the bridge. Stars twinkled in his peripheral vision and the deck plating scraped him roughly as he landed face-first in a pile against the forward bulkhead doors. As a final insult, the overhead lights flickered and died, swallowing him up in a thick blanket of darkness.

     When he came to, he was uncomfortably reminded that silence was in command as he pulled himself to his feet by way of a set of bulkhead handholds. He groped through the darkness until his fingers closed around a square object affixed to the bulkhead. Pulling the battle lantern free from its mounting bracket, he switched it on and moved the yellow beam over the consoles and prone bodies of the android crew members. DuBois and the Pis were nowhere to be seen. A sickly sweet smell hovered in the air that immediately put him on his guard. Reaching out, he located the nearest ventilation duct and placed a hand over its diffuser. Feeling no breeze coming from it, he surmised that the emergency ventilation system had failed and in time, the internal atmosphere would thin as the available oxygen slowly ran out.