Patreon: Don’t Make a Fuss

In my never-ending quest to make my writing career even more complicated and convoluted than it already is, I’ve added a teeny tiny button on the website ( that’s wedged in between the gorgeous images of NASA and Writers

First off, I’m absolutely NOT asking for support through Patreon donations. This article is simply to let you all know what that button is for and why it’s there so I’m not bombarded with “Wallace, why is there a Patreon button on your otherwise clean and unsullied website?” For the Record, my friends call me Wally and since I consider myself very approachable (and most people are inherently lazy…hehe) that means that you call may call me that as well. Hey, what’s in a nickname, right?

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Patreon is essentially a crowdfunding website for those who create content and some manage to fund their activities in this way. While I’m rather blase about the whole deal, I do recognize that it’s a viable and modern way to raise funds. I’m not known for being the most ardent conformist, but I signed up because what the hell.

You can check out Patreon at and my page in particular through my website. That being said, I will leave you now to go back to torturing my Lights and Shadows characters. 😉