What I Don’t Know

I’ve learned a lot during my time on this Big Blue Marble: tying my shoes, chewing bubble gum, the intricate machinations of sewing a button, flipping a pancake without it ending up on the ceiling…

It’s an extensive list…

However, for all the things I’ve learned, there is a list of items that is even longer of those things that confound me. Here’s a collection of the obvious ones and this is by no means a complete list:

1) Why do they call them Romans if they generally stayed in one place?

2) Why call it Rome if it doesn’t move?

3) There are no Shepherds in Shepherd’s Pie. By that same token, I haven’t found any cottages in Cottage Pie either…

4) If something easy is a “Piece of Cake” then what’s the deal with Pie?

5) Denuded Beef worries me because I keep picturing cows out in the field with clothes on. (Yes, I googled what it really means. Work with me here…heh)

6) Why is it at Election Time, presidential candidates will spend millions of dollars for a job that pays only about $400,000 a year plus an additional $169,000 in expenses? Seems like a lot of outlay for a pain in the butt job with a fraction of the benefit.

7) If most accidents happen within 50 miles of the home, why do some people move?

8) If you have a severe headache it’s called a Migraine. If it happens to someone else, why isn’t it called a Yourgraine?

9) Why are there no bridges on the Internet? Seems a shame all those trolls out there have no place to live.

10) Someone got my goat earlier today. I didn’t even realize I had a goat?

Okay, I’m pushing the puns a bit with this, but it’s late and the wheels were turning a little more off-kilter than usual. Have a good one and keep smiling. 🙂