How to turn a Complex Story into a Simple Synopsis

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Drew Chial

1. Profile A lot things go into telling a simple story

My least favorite type of writing has always been summarizing. Whether I was pitching a screenplay or a synopsis for a book, I got too concerned about what producers and publishers were looking for. I hated whatever I put on paper. It felt like I was cutting out the tastiest parts to make it palatable, misrepresenting the material by packaging it for mass appeal.

When my screenwriting professor videotaped the pitch for my first script, I ranted for twenty minutes. This was no elevator pitch. The lift for the tallest building in the world doesn’t take that long to get to the top. I had to lower my time to two minutes or less.

Since then I’ve learned the memorization techniques I needed to keep myself on task and how to select the parts of my story that were worth focusing…

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Insight: A Personal Message From Me to You

As a way to mark the passing of 30 blog articles, I wanted to take the time to talk with you: my audience.

Some of you have known me a short time; others longer. Despite the time, all of you have my undying gratitude and thanks for reading my material and commenting where you felt moved. That does my heart good.

I’ve been trying to make these articles both informative and entertaining. Granted, they tend to fall on one side or the other, but evolution takes time and I have faith in your patience and ability to keep up with this blog as it progresses and of course, evolves.

I won’t lie and give some pompous explanation why I write this blog. Truth be told, I do it because it allows me to centralize my thoughts in one place and it’s a little amusing that some of you are probably are pulling your hair out trying to figure out what the heck I’m talking about in many cases. Remember, it’s all in fun. 🙂

I don’t write to you expecting Likes on the articles or even comments. But I do write to you because that’s how I show that I care and enjoy your company. Otherwise, I’d be locked up in solitude, writing stories, and only coming out to announce that a new book is available on Amazon.

Ever Forward. 🙂

Parallax Update #3

Parallax has just broken the 40,000 word mark, which puts it just above the minimum word count to qualify as a full length novel. I still have lots of story left to tell in it, but this milestone means that I am inching closer to a completed story and a new entry to my Createspace and Amazon online collection.

The current length I have planned is at least 75,000 to 100,000 words, which puts the page count somewhere between 300-400 pages. Obviously, the story will dictate the final length, but it’s good to have goals to strive for.

Thanks for your time and Ever Forward. 🙂

Insight: Change of Plans

After much consideration, I’ve decided to change what I write and how I will write it. Here are some changes that are coming up:

– More sex. Yes, I’m bowing to pressure and adding more sex scenes in my stories. Who cares if it doesn’t advance the plot or add insight into the characters. Sex is where it’s at.
– More Exposition. You can never have too much exposition in the story. The readers love it and it really drives up the price on Amazon.
– More Social Commentary. Let’s face it, those shut-in Social Justice Warriors need more controversy in order to feel relevant.
– More Oppression. Can’t leave those Feminists out of the equation.

Okay, that’s the short list. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and one last thing: