Writing Updates in General

Happy Sunday to you all and this is a catch-up article because I took Saturday off from Writing. I had no particular topic in mind when I put this together so I’m basically winging it.

I usually put out regular updates here on what I’m up to so a lot of this isn’t all that new. There are a few wrinkles though:

1. Updating My Business Plan: We don’t often think about Writing as a business, but if you expect to make any kind of living at this you have to change your mindset. That means having a plan of some kind to start and grow your business. Of course, changes happen and when they do, you have to be flexible enough to adapt accordingly.

2. Writing Budget: The subject of a writing budget was always vague to me because I had always planned to make it pay for itself and rightly so. However, this lack of planning has recently bit me on the backside due to my plans to expand into more paid services. Thankfully, the Excel spreadsheets were done up and put in place a long time ago. As I see it, I am investing in myself and what I love so a few more months of Ramen Noodles isn’t too much of a sacrifice. 😉

3. New Stories to Publish: There are always new stories to publish…yada yada yada…

4. More Time to Write: I suppose I am lucky that my day job affords me a lot of time to write, both on the job and off. However, making use of that time efficiently is important and the difference between meeting goal dates (my new word for deadlines…hehe) and scrambling around to compensate for when you don’t. I may not be putting out more than 1 blog article a day from today on, but we all know that I am unpredictable when it comes to writing articles.

Those are the biggies. Feel free to add your thoughts as they are always welcome. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂