The Paradox Project: Converting The Past

One of the great things about being your own publisher is that you have the final say in what gets published in your name. Unfortunately, that is about the only great thing about it because you have to do everything else…hehe.

That being said, today’s discussion is about converting my 1990 Science Fiction story, Paradox, to a digital format suitable for electronic archiving, editing, and publishing. Yes, it’s really going to happen. As much as I love the idea of that manila envelope from the US Copyright Office sitting in my desk files, I think I would love seeing the story in print and ebook format much more.

Paradox Conversion Project…

The title sounds like I’m planning on something on the scale of The Apollo Space Program, doesn’t it?

Actually, the project will take the following form:

1) Retype the manuscript (in its original form with all its original flaws) into Scrivener. That will allow me to start with a clean draft to work with. I suppose I could just scan the pages but there’s no fun in that and I need to immerse myself back into the story world after being away for 25+ years.

2) Deep Analyze the story and reconstruct the story world using the techniques that I use now. I expect it to be a major pain in the backside, but ultimately useful for the next step.

3) Create a Story Bible using the elements that I have reconstructed in Step 2. I remember Paradox’s story world being very complicated and every documented piece of information would go a long way toward creating sequels.

4) Do a major rewrite of the story and expand it from a 62-page novella to a 400-page novel while maintaining a high story quality.

5) Publish the damn thing.

Obviously, I have a lot of work ahead with this one along with the other three projects I have slated for 2016. The Tobacco, Coffee, and Alcohol Industries are no doubt champing at the bit over this prospect…lol

I’ll keep you all updated as things progress. Thanks for your time. 🙂