Thoughts on Social Media

First off, this is not a rant against using social media to develop an online presence. I firmly believe that it has the potential to generate a huge following when applied in the right way.

Ah, Social Media, Home of Cat Pictures, Videos, volcanic social and political discussions, and a virtual watering hole for those seeking to connect with other people on a global scale. You get out of it what you put into it, I suppose.

I currently utilize between 4-5 different outlets to relay this blog across the Internet. I’ve gotten Likes, Follows, Retweets, and the occasional dissenting voice that wants to disagree with what I’m saying. It’s ALL good.

Social Media, in general, amuses me and tests my ability to present myself in various lights. I’ve even used it to get the word out when I publish a new book. For the most part, I’ve been pleased with the results.

However, I’ve come to see Social Media lately as being synonymous with a crazy ex-girlfriend who drives me nuts but is amazing between the sheets. What? You were expecting me to be PC? Silly Wabbit. I’m pushing 50 and have no time nor patience to be anyone other than myself. Take me as I am or walk the other way with my eternal blessing. 🙂

I doubt that I’ll be shutting down any accounts anytime soon because I’ve invested too much time and energy in setting up such a wonderful collection of tin cans on strings to give it up now. Besides, I’ve come to notice that when I get a little fired up, people seem to dig that…hehe. Can’t let you all down now. 😉