What are Writing Dilemmas?

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may notice from time to time a post that may read similar to this:

“Today’s Writing Dilemma: How to get a cat out of a tree by a man with no arms.”

Seems random and it is, on the surface. However, these type of updates serve a couple of purposes. First, they are intended to provoke a conversation and very often they do. We live in a world populated by people who love to throw their opinion out there, unsolicited or not. They can’t help themselves and I love feeding that creative energy. Second, they serve as a subliminal writing prompt to me, my writing buddies, and anyone else listening in. Hey, we all get stuck from time to time and sometimes you need the creative equivalent of Roadside Assistance to help get you out of a stalled scene. Finally, the WDs that I sometimes find myself in are pretty funny ones and I love to share a laugh or two with you all. You’re worth it.

There is supposed to be three parts to my blog that entail my thoughts (mostly collections of one-liner that I come up with), my musings (commentary on things that I experience on a daily basis), and storytelling (which sadly I haven’t done enough of lately) involving content that can only be found on here.

Lights and Shadows has kept me pretty busy lately, but I will always try to find some time to keep you all abreast of what’s happening with me. Thanks for your time. 🙂