The Paradox Project: Converting The Past

One of the great things about being your own publisher is that you have the final say in what gets published in your name. Unfortunately, that is about the only great thing about it because you have to do everything else…hehe.

That being said, today’s discussion is about converting my 1990 Science Fiction story, Paradox, to a digital format suitable for electronic archiving, editing, and publishing. Yes, it’s really going to happen. As much as I love the idea of that manila envelope from the US Copyright Office sitting in my desk files, I think I would love seeing the story in print and ebook format much more.

Paradox Conversion Project…

The title sounds like I’m planning on something on the scale of The Apollo Space Program, doesn’t it?

Actually, the project will take the following form:

1) Retype the manuscript (in its original form with all its original flaws) into Scrivener. That will allow me to start with a clean draft to work with. I suppose I could just scan the pages but there’s no fun in that and I need to immerse myself back into the story world after being away for 25+ years.

2) Deep Analyze the story and reconstruct the story world using the techniques that I use now. I expect it to be a major pain in the backside, but ultimately useful for the next step.

3) Create a Story Bible using the elements that I have reconstructed in Step 2. I remember Paradox’s story world being very complicated and every documented piece of information would go a long way toward creating sequels.

4) Do a major rewrite of the story and expand it from a 62-page novella to a 400-page novel while maintaining a high story quality.

5) Publish the damn thing.

Obviously, I have a lot of work ahead with this one along with the other three projects I have slated for 2016. The Tobacco, Coffee, and Alcohol Industries are no doubt champing at the bit over this prospect…lol

I’ll keep you all updated as things progress. Thanks for your time. 🙂


Revised Paradox Opening Scene – Proposed

Note: As much as I am focused on finishing Lights and Shadows, Paradox is worming its way onto the front of my mind. The more I resist it, the stronger it becomes so here’s something to keep the demon at bay. 😉

His eyes opened into dim light and a pounding headache. The last thing he remembered was a bright flash filling the cockpit and alarm klaxons. He was laying on a cot, the thin mattress barely protecting his back from the metal strips that crisscrossed underneath. He sat up and took stock of the surroundings. No windows in the rounded metal walls and a single heavy door with a slit peephole and a passing slot at the bottom made up the entry and exit points. The room was colder than a metaphor and he resisted touching the nearest wall.

Then he saw her. She was crouched in a far corner, slowly rocking to herself and muttering a string of syllables that he barely heard. Her rumpled yellow jumpsuit was caked with dirt and her long blonde hair hung in equally dirty stringlets that covered her face. When she noticed him, she cringed and shrank farther into the wall.

Coming Full Circle aka I Finally Got My Stuff from the US Copyright Office

I’ve been saying for months that my stuff from the US Copyright Office was on its way and while it certainly moved at the speed of Government, today it finally showed up in my PO Box. As part of my re-dedication to this funky path I’ve been on, I’ve decided to share the opening process with you all.

Cue the Music…

1) The Outer Envelope.

Outer Envelope

This is the packaging that it came in. No fanfare, no big deal. I know it looks a bit tired but I had walked down to the Post Office and had to stuff it in my jacket to protect it from the rain.

2) Return Mailing Address

OE Return Address

I felt the need to show this because the logo’s kind of cool and to dispel any doubts at this point. Did it work? Hehe.

3) Inner Contents

Inner Contents

Thankfully, the inner contents were protected by a clear plastic envelope(?). What you are looking at is part of the final receipt.

4) Inner Contents, Page 1

IC Page 1

The picture is a little blurry, but it’s supposed to be showing Page 1 of Paradox and some of the original copyright stamp.

5) Copyright Replacement Cover Sheet

Copyright Replacement Cover Sheet

I didn’t expect them to get this fancy with the replacement certificate, but it’s pretty cool.

6) Photocopy of the Original Copyright Certificate

Copy of Original Copyright Certificate

Well, that’s it. 25 years and about $300 to get this back into my hands. I started reading it earlier and I have to admit that the overall story is good, but there are some sections that kind of make me cringe a bit. Oh well, that’s what editing is for…again. 😉

Thanks for your time. 🙂