Thoughts of The Day

“If at first you don’t succeed, use a bigger hammer.”

I guess you could call this a journal entry of sorts because I feel highly motivated to write today and share those results with you all.

Lights and Shadows, Chapter 11, is about 530 words away from being completed. This is significant because this section of the story has been a major thorn in my backside for a long while now, due mostly to my lack of motivation to write. I’m going to blame that on my flagging book sales but really it’s me not wanting to write much. Thankfully, that trend is changing.

I just posted the latest installment of Anglerfish Underway, and yes, Hardy FINALLY is onboard the submarine. I’ve decided to deviate from the historical aspect of the story somewhat because let’s face it while research can be fun, it can also slow down progress when you’re writing a story by the seat of your pants. Just don’t ask me how I can type from that position.

In other news, sometime today UPS should be dropping off my Deadpool DVD that I ordered from Amazon so much mirth will be had later.

Anglerfish Underway, Part III

Before Jennay could continue, his desk phone rang. He gestured to one of the empty seats in front of his gray metal desk. Compared to the rest of the office, it seemed the only military issue object.

Hardy sat, opening his briefcase and taking out his orders packet, listening as Jennay spoke angrily into the phone’s handset. When he finished, he slammed down the phone. “That damned Kennedy’s going to be the ruination of the country. One of these days, he’s going to get his comeuppance. Mark my words.”

“I will, Sir.”

“Off the Record, of course. Our President is a competent leader and a credit to The Fleet. Remember that, Hardy.”

“Understood, Sir.”

Jennay took the order packet and removed the contents for inspection. As he read, he moved a small microphone closer to him and began speaking. “On this date, I, Admiral Brandon Jennay, have officially received the order packet for Lieutenant Commander Michael Hardy, USN, to assume command of Submarine Anglerfish to commence operations as soon as operationally possible.” He stamped the orders and placed them in a desk file before inserting a piece of letterhead stationery into a gray IBM electric typewriter. He typed for several seconds before removing the letter and signing his name at the bottom before handing it to Hardy. “Show this to the Topside Watch along with your ID.”

Hardy folded the letter and nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”

Jennay stood and extended a hand. “I wish there was more time for pleasantries, Captain, but we both have our duties to perform. Get underway as soon as possible and stand by for operational orders.” After they shook hands, he pointed to a door to their right. “That door will take you unobserved to the Pier Complex. Dismissed.”

Hardy picked up his briefcase and went to the door. The door opened up to a monorail system that once he was seated whisked him to a stop near a false cave opening. Climbing out, he saw her. Gunmetal gray down to the waterline and black beyond, her sail planes set at neutral. Her hull stretched farther than he first noticed from the air and as he drew closer to the pier, he noticed a series of raised bumps along her metal skin. He showed his credentials to the plain clothed security watch but instead of rendering or receiving normal honors, the single security watch merely picked up an internal intercom and announced his arrival. No bells, no fanfare.

He reached over and took the intercom. “This is Captain Hardy speaking. All Hands, make preparations to get underway and submit reports to the XO,” he checked his watch. “All shore leave and liberties are canceled as of 2400. Set Sea and Anchor Detail at 0300. That is all.”

“Welcome aboard, Sir.”

Hardy studied the sailor. “What’s your name, Son?”

“Shipley, Sir. Quartermaster Third Class.”

“Thank you, Shipley. Carry on.”

As he climbed down the deck entrance, Hardy realized that while the Anglerfish looked like a Permit from the outside, its deck layout inside was another story. Definitely bigger on the inside, he thought as he dropped down into the control room and immediately waved away the traditional stop to activity that a Captain on Deck usually brought. He followed the signs to his cabin a few doors down and entered an access code to get inside. Everything he needed to live onboard was generously provided. He pulled the chair away from his desk and began reading the reports piled up in the In Basket. Welcome Aboard, Indeed.

Anglerfish Underway, Part II

Hardy marveled at the island flora and fauna that bordered the road. Perry Island had one paved road that started at the airfield and circled the island in a five-mile bicycle wheel with spokes that converged at an Administrative Hub. A pair of twin hills topped with radar dishes and radio antennas towered behind the Hub.

“The Navy went to some expense building this place.”

Simmons kept his eyes on the road. “Yes, Sir.”

The conversation continued in fits and spurts until the car stopped at the Hub. Hardy retrieved his briefcase in hand and stepped out, the skies gradually filling in with storm clouds. This is not a good omen, he thought as he tucked his sunglasses away in a suit pocket and went inside.

The Hub’s interior reminded him more of a five-star resort hotel lobby than the headquarters building for a naval installation. A four-pointed blue and white star graced the mirrored floor tiles as he walked through the tinted front doors and over to a long desk manned by a man and a woman, dressed immaculately in matching dark blue outfits. He saw no sign of military insignia but under their blazers, he could make out the distinctive bulges that pistol holsters tended to create. Someone went to a lot of trouble, he thought.

Before he could introduce himself, he was handed a small white plastic punch card and directed to an elevator at the end of a long hallway to his right. His footsteps on the brown carpeting shrank in volume as he neared his destination. A small slot flashed green and red on his approach. Inserting the card into the slot hissed open the elevator doors and he stepped inside.

Before he could press a button on the control panel, the car immediately went into free fall, plastering him against the ceiling for an eternity before coming to an abrupt stop and leaving him in a heap upon the floor. The control panel read that he had only traveled two floors down but he didn’t believe that for a second as he wrestled the wrinkles from his clothing and regained his composure. The doors opened onto an organized office and a white-haired man dressed in a dark suit.

“Welcome to Perry Island, Commander.”