Happy Thanksgiving and First Draft Follies

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating today and I hope your turkey isn’t too dry. 😉

Now that I’ve done my bit for the holiday, let’s move on to the main event: a discussion about working on that wonderful beast known as The First Draft.

The First Draft of any story is literally the first iteration of your creation. It’s the baby that forms with all the flaws, defects, flecks of beauty, and missteps that come with getting it down on paper. It’s born of passion and feeling and with time and effort can develop into a polished end result that anyone would be proud to share with the world at large.

While it would be great to skip the trials and tribulations of The First Draft, I wouldn’t advise just dashing it off and putting it out there. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and every additional minute of development time will pay off immensely in the long run. Let’s face it, very few individuals get it perfect right out of the gate and while every writer wants to believe that they will make Shakespeare’s Ghost jealous and publishers roll truckloads of cash up to their door, the reality is that every final draft of a story or novel has a trail of redrafts behind them.

Refill your coffee cup, smoke if you got em, and get that First Draft down on paper. The first stage is all about getting it finished; you can make it perfect later.


10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and First Draft Follies

  1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words on rough drafts. I have never written a fictional story before, and felt disappointed that it did not just “flow” out of me! Ha! But knowing that ideas and general thoughts in action and timing are probably more important at first so that the story line is in the correct direction helps me immensely. Happy Writing!

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I have a bunch of first drafts to do myself. I have just been busy in the ::shudders:: real world trying to make the last days of my clients more pleasant for them.

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  3. I love writing the first draft. It is absolutely my favorite part of novel writing–freewheeling, meditative, exciting to see what plot surprises and character quirks arise. It’s trying to manipulate that first draft into a full-fledged novel afterward that kills me.

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