The Eternal Struggle: Deadlines vs Fun

I’ve made no secret in the past that I am no fan of Deadlines.  They start off simple, get complicated in the middle, and eventually turn into one humongous pain in the backside when time grows short and hair pulling commences.

However, as much as I detest them, they serve a valuable function in keeping us on track and not allowing projects to enter that Bermuda Triangle known as Limbo Land.  My deadlines perform more as goals than ironclad absolutes because when I make them I don’t always consider the curveballs that Life has a tendency to throw at me.  It’s a poor excuse but I’m owning it…heh.

Deadlines aren’t fun and I don’t believe they are meant to be.  They are that stern authority figure standing over or behind you proclaiming that you must finish the job you started.  They are an extension of your conscience jabbing and prodding at you to stop mucking around and get back on task.  They’re also that good friend reminding you that stagnation is the enemy of progress and rarely do good things happen to those who stand still.

Plus, they never end because once a project is finished and released to a hungry horde, another is waiting in the wings to eat up time and effort.

Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way…