Change is Rarely a Bad Thing

Lately, I’ve been going through a gut check of sorts to see what’s been working for, and against, me in this journey I call my Writing Career. I’ve read a lot of blogs, experienced many divergent opinions, and tried to incorporate different techniques for evaluation purposes.

What did I discover?

While I’ve uncovered many useful items, I’ve found others that did little or nothing in the grand scheme of things. And that’s okay because experiencing different things is how we learn and grow as people. Yes, I’m egotistical enough to believe that my way is the best possible way for me, bumps bruises scrapes and all.

One of the most recent things I’ve done was to delete my YouTube Channel and remove myself from a very long infatuation with the content being displayed by that particular organization. I mean, I don’t create videos. I write stories and publish them. Anything else is either fluff or at the very least a distraction to keep me from producing my own content. My other social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) will still be around for obvious reasons and I see no need to remove them at the present time.

I’ve also decided that I’m not angry enough to discuss potential hot button topics and when I have, I’ve encountered reactions that are distasteful, to say the least. I don’t have the time to deal with it when I have books that need to be written. Priorities, People.

So, it’s back to discussing topics using an intellectual and analytical perspective, which I feel I do my best work with. Now if those distasteful reactions still come up, I’m still able to rip a few new ones out there but at least I’ll have the benefit of facts on my side.

Thanks for your time and have a great day. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Change is Rarely a Bad Thing

  1. Hey now, just because I disagree with you politically doesn’t mean I’m distasteful about it 😛

    I’m a shameless Youtube addict though, so in that realm, we still relate. I’m torn on it. I do think everything I do for entertainment has value, particularly in reading, watching film, and playing games. I watch a lot of Let’s Players on Youtube, so in that realm, I’m sort of keeping myself in the loop of what’s hot right now in gaming and how that medium is evolving to become a true storytelling device! But I watch a lot of fluff on Youtube as well. Like, what am I really gaining by watching kids react to cat videos? It’s definitely the first thing I cut out when I’m on a real schedule crunch, and I find I barely miss it. And we’re supposed to be productive writerly people, dammit!

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