Sour Grapes

It’s not a revelation that there are people out there who go to out of control lengths to get revenge when their desires are thwarted. Instead of acknowledging and moving on, they resort to smear campaigns to get even with those they think have wronged them in some way.

Are you listening, Bernie?

I saw an article on the news this morning about emails from the DNC that showed their top leadership expressing frustration with Senator Bernie Sanders and an intent to make sure that he never gets the nomination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in fair play and stacking the deck in any one particular favor is a big no-no with me. I’m an Independent so I feel that I can look at this objectively. Plus, I support Trump so this is an academic exercise at best.

Sanders is out but refuses to believe that he is out. To be honest, I’m surprised that he lasted as long as he did in this race and for that, I’ll give him credit. However, he had to know going in that he wasn’t going to stand much of a chance against the “historic precedent” that Hillary Clinton is being advertised under. Yes, I believe that Hillary Clinton is being marketed as the first potential female president, not the most qualified to be president. There are starving kids in China and Africa so keep the tomatoes holstered, okay?

I guess The Revolution will have to be postponed until 2020.

I don’t do many non-writing posts but this issue was too good to let pass by without some sort of commentary. Thanks for your time. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sour Grapes

  1. Yes, it was an open secret that Clinton was the anointed one, indeed being marketed as the first female president instead of anyone with qualifications (or a soul). The DNC email leak PROVES it though, and I think there’s something to be said for that. To say that Bernie Sanders shouldn’t have even bothered competing with her is to advocate complacency of corruption. Plus, it’s nice to see something concrete against Hillary for once. Trump proves how dangerous he is every time he opens his mouth. Hillary’s danger is usually cloaked in DNC damage control.

    For the record, I didn’t support Bernie either. I supported John Kasich in the primaries and have now joined Gary Johnson. I am more against Trump than I am against Clinton, because I am severely anti-statist and anti-authoritarian. But I’d like to see Clinton go down just to wipe that smirk off her face, and I’m inherently a right-leaning person anyway. I’d be lying if I said the DNC email leak doesn’t please me, lol.

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    • In my opinion, the email leaks confirms what most people were thinking anyway. Sanders’ platform was unrealistic and appealed to a demographic that appeared to be less concerned with personal effort and more toward blaming nebulous boogeymen for their failures. Kasich was an interesting outlier in the political spectrum, I’ll say that. The terms “anti-statist” and “anti-authoritiarian” have been overused to the point where they have no relevant meaning anymore. I like having a strong government that gets the job done and isn’t afraid to make necessary and efficient changes. Trump amuses me so that’s why I support him. He’s a modern day Ross Perot, only with more balls. I’ve never heard him push any dangerous opinions, only those that piss off the more sensitive types. I would never support Hillary Clinton because her past actions have gotten people killed and I could never stand behind someone like that.
      It’s turning out to be a VERY interesting election year, no doubt about it…hehe.


      • With respect, of course you don’t think the things he says are dangerous. You a middle aged white guy and he’s pandering to you by pissing off the Other. You have nothing to fear from a strong government that “gets the job done” because you interpret a low risk of becoming the collateral damage of one. I discovered an interesting book the other day that I may recommend though – it’s called “It Can’t Happen Here”, and was written in 1935. Still very relevant to today, about a thought experiment in which fascism could happen in America. As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

        As an individualist (maybe you’ll prefer that word over anti-authoritarian), I recognize the rights of all men to have a fair chance at self-sufficiency and the life they desire, and I have no right to keep them from having a spot at the table. The Other does not threaten me, because I will be successful regardless of whether they are given opportunities – and due to my convictions, I believe they should. And then, if they invest poorly, behave criminally, or act lazily despite equal footing, let no net catch them.

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      • Trust me, he’s not pandering to me by any means and the color of my skin (and my age) is irrelevant to anything. Fascism would have a difficult time taking hold here because our system of government has built in checks and balances that limit the accumulation of power by any one person or groups. I agree with you about individualism and have been practicing it just about all of my 49 years on this beknighted little blue marble. Individualism is essentially doing your own thing and allowing little to no outside influences to affect your course. “Rights” are difficult to prove unless they’ve been codified into Law. However, I do agree with the sentiment you’re expressing.


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