When Life Interrupts…

I blinked and a couple of weeks flew by since the last post, but hopefully the chaos has died down to the point where I can continue to contribute to this thing.

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I am knee deep in daily life that everything else that isn’t essential to my existence gets pushed to the side or neglected. The Day Job makes demands, the pages of a paper notebook get filled on the run and frustration and fatigue mounts to the point where you start avoiding anything to do with that faithful and trusty computer that sits on the desktop waiting to weave some creative tapestry.

That’s been my past two weeks.

I won’t make excuses because even though not a lot of blogging got done lately, a lot of work on Lights and Shadows is getting knocked out and it’s beginning to look like September before I can get it finished, edited, and released before FINALLY putting the time in with the Parallax Sequels. Granted, this blog ranks below stories on the Priority Scale, but it still has value.

So, how are you doing?