The Most Important Rule of Writing No One Talks About 

Some very good advice here.

Christopher Kokoski

If you could only teach ONEwriting lesson for the rest of your life, what would you teach?

My answer: Contrast.


5SuspicouslySpecific Reasons Contrast Is the Most Important Rule of Writing

  1. Contrast is the key to a high-concept premise
  2. Contrast improves nearly every element of story
  3. Contrast is compelling to readers
  4. Contrast is inherent in the understanding of story
  5. Contrast works at both the micro and macro level of story

By definition, contrast combines opposites.

“cold fire”

“wet sand”

“beautiful atrocity”

It’s intriguing because it’s unexpected. It grabs attention, generates curiosity and keeps readers glued to the page. If you want to design a bestseller idea, use contrast. If you want to improve a sentence, paragraph, description, character or scene – contrast every time.

After all, most stories involve contrast on a macro level. Cinderella is both peasant and princess. Alice travels to Wonderland. The lesson of the…

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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Rule of Writing No One Talks About 

  1. Humans are walking contradictions. I do feel like prose and character become far more vivid when they are contrasting and contradictory. A straightforward character who always follows a set of internal rules is not a real person.

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  2. This is very interesting. Quick painless lesson here, it has more highlighted something I have been practising already, but seeing it identified here will help me to focus and improve my writing. Thank you

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