Character Development: Group Personalities

Note: This post was originally going to be a Writing Dilemma discussion, but I thought it would be fun to expand it to encompass a character group.

We all know that when creating characters it’s a good thing to sketch them out in terms of physical descriptions, dominant and secondary personalities, and whatnot. However, new challenges tend to come along when those same carefully-crafted characters are thrown together and their personalities start to interact.

It’s a cookbook!

Actually, it isn’t, but I always loved that Twilight Zone line…hehe. Seriously though…

When you put characters with different personalities, interesting things start to happen. Just like in Real Life, people attract, repel, become indifferent, etc. A group dynamic forms that can range from a unified front to a factional situation that leads to conflict.

This is also a good thing!

When characters jump off the character sheet and act on their own, you can see the 4th Wall close up and the fictional world comes alive with a new breath.