Reentering The Writer Pool

In my younger writing days, I spent a lot of time writing and submitting to traditional publishers. Accordingly, I also collected quite a few rejection slips along the way. It was only the past few years have I been giving self-publishing a spin. I wouldn’t say that I’ve been tremendously disappointed with the reception that my books have gotten, but lately, I’ve been feeling that something is missing.

No one goes full tilt into the prospect of rejection (unless they have some kind of subconscious masochistic bent), but given that the workload to engage with Traditional Publishing isn’t as cost-intensive as Self-Publishing, there’s a reason why it’s been the mainstay for what most of us consider the normal route for writers to take.

So, I’m about to dip my toes back into the frigid waters in addition to my Amazon and Createspace efforts. I’ve been away from it for far too long and I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

I guess we’ll have to see how it goes. God knows that I need to update my Writer’s Market books…hehe.


7 thoughts on “Reentering The Writer Pool

  1. Good luck! Just remember that whatever you put out there, whatever effort you think is enough, put forth double! I’ve heard 100 rejections is about par for most novels that get published these days. I’ve also heard that one “full” request per 15-20 queries usually means you’re on the right path too. Not sure if your query adventures will fall in line with those statistics, but it’s a nice meter to go by. I find it keeps me from getting too worried after a dozen rejections. That means I’m just warming up.

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