Thoughts of The Day

“If at first you don’t succeed, use a bigger hammer.”

I guess you could call this a journal entry of sorts because I feel highly motivated to write today and share those results with you all.

Lights and Shadows, Chapter 11, is about 530 words away from being completed. This is significant because this section of the story has been a major thorn in my backside for a long while now, due mostly to my lack of motivation to write. I’m going to blame that on my flagging book sales but really it’s me not wanting to write much. Thankfully, that trend is changing.

I just posted the latest installment of Anglerfish Underway, and yes, Hardy FINALLY is onboard the submarine. I’ve decided to deviate from the historical aspect of the story somewhat because let’s face it while research can be fun, it can also slow down progress when you’re writing a story by the seat of your pants. Just don’t ask me how I can type from that position.

In other news, sometime today UPS should be dropping off my Deadpool DVD that I ordered from Amazon so much mirth will be had later.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts of The Day

    • My writing routine is fairly flexible but generally consists of getting my coffee, firing up a smoke and banging out as close to 4,000 words a day as I can, depending on what’s going on. Some days, I get close. Other days, not so much. As long as I can get some writing done, I’m happy. Thanks. 🙂


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