Not Sure, But I May be Getting Tired of Sci-Fi

Don’t get me wrong because I love Science Fiction and especially love writing it. But lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about the days when I didn’t think about genres and wrote whatever turned me on. When I was but a wee lad of Ten Years, I had a fascination for US Navy submarines and their wartime exploits during World War II. I was so fascinated by it that I used to write my own fictional war logs for fun. I guess it stuck with me because years later, I joined the Navy. Didn’t make it through Submarine Training, but I did serve some time on a Knox Class Frigate that was definitely a learning experience for me.

My admissions here will have no bearing on the future of Lights and Shadows and The Parallax Trilogy. They will be finished by the end of December 2016 as I planned. I simply feel the need to write other stuff, stuff that doesn’t involve spaceships and aliens.


4 thoughts on “Not Sure, But I May be Getting Tired of Sci-Fi

  1. I think it’s natural for our interests to shuffle from time to time and I think that’s quite healthy. You might even be surprised you’ll have fun when you choose to do what you did when you were younger.

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  2. My father was a submarine nuke in the Navy for 6 years. I actually work about two miles from Navy Nuclear Power school, so I see those guys around all the time. Every movie theater I walk into has half the Navy walking around – hey, it makes me feel safe at least!

    So, if you do go that route and you need resources about that kind of thing, I could provide them. 😉 At least my Dad knows front to back how difficult it was to get through nuke school.

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