Be True to Yourself

As I was updating the website (, it occurred to me while I was removing a Mailing List Option that was doing nothing and changing some center icons in favor of those more useful to visitors that by listening to some “How to” people out there that I was straying from why I took my writing this far.

The truth is that I don’t write to sell books or make money. I write because I love to write and seeing my books in print and digital versions gives me a personal thrill that I’ve not been able to match anywhere else. Having an audience is nice but when you consider that tastes change, that particular joy waxes and wanes faster than The Moon on Turbo Lattes. That’s it, nothing flashy about it. I firmly believe in the saying about doing what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. There’s a lot of truth in that expression.

Everything I do creatively contributes to my experience as a Writer. The more I do, the better I get, and I’m finding that when I shift focus to stuff like sales rankings, royalty amounts, etc, I feel like I move a little bit off the path I chose for myself a long time ago.

So, no more promotional posts for a while because I can get more done through writing and publishing my stories. Eventually, I’ll catch the right person’s eye and the Universe will make a correction in my favor.

I’d rather be true to myself and keep juggling than do something that I don’t feel right with.