I Understand

I’ve read that with age comes wisdom. Today I’m going to test that notion with myself as the proverbial example. Got your popcorn? Comfy chair? Okay, let’s get to it:

I understand…

1) I understand that nothing in Life is free, that everything we need or desire has a cost associated with it.

2) I understand that although money doesn’t grow on trees, the building materials do.

3) I understand that too little sleep makes you cranky.

4) I understand that lost sleep isn’t recoverable.

5) I understand that Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

6) I understand that Marriage means always having to say you’re sorry. (If you’re a guy) 😉

7) I understand that although we can never know everything, we should never stop trying.

8) I understand that there are those out there who act like they know everything.

9) I understand that to err is being human is important to realize.

10) I understand that being human means making mistakes.

7 thoughts on “I Understand

  1. Number 5 – everyone makes mistakes (see number 10), saying sorry is necessary BUT… Love allows for those mistakes and the one making the apology can be confident that forgiveness will rule the day. Now, if you mean you never have to say you’re sorry for being who you ARE? Then yes, that is what Love means!
    Number 6 – awwww!

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