Monday, Monday

It’s a fact of Life that many people have trouble getting back into the weekly routine after a weekend. I’m no exception, except that I work at The Day Job (TM) on weekends and am scheduled off during the week. It’s a tempting proposition to veg out during the Off Time, but ever since I got that crazy idea to make Writing my new occupation, I’ve been making use of that free time to work on my stories I.E. novels.

It’s far from easy to get your rear in gear sometimes. Hey, if you wanted rainbows and unicorns, you may want to head over to one of those blogs run by “Bestselling” authors. I think I’m good, but I’m a working class stiff who likes to write and publish…hehe.

Writing these posts helps me to gear up to jump into a plot and get cracking. At the very least, it alleviates some of the pressure that I often put on myself to make progress. Doesn’t always work, but we do what we can.

Let’s open up the conversation. How do you get started on a Monday?

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