When The Ending Doesn’t Feel Right

I was reading Parallax again (yes, I read my own books) and something about the ending didn’t sit right with me. Not the last scene, mind you, I liked that.

I typed “End of Book 1″…

I mean, what is that? Yes, it’s a trilogy, it says so on the cover. It also states that Parallax is Book 1 but did I really need to specifically state it on the last page? I probably didn’t, hence the conundrum between deciding between “End of Book 1” and “The End”.

Createspace takes around 24 hours to do their file review for any changes involving the interior file so I had to really think if it was worth holding up potential publishing time for two letters. Also, any changes to Createspace have to be duplicated on Amazon so that’s at least another 12 hours after approval.

Obviously, I went with “The End” because, in my mind, that should have been the way to go in the first place.