Progress and Parallax: Darkfall

Today has been a day fit for The King of Procrastinators or Insanely Ambitious Overachievers…you make the call. I woke up early, got some coffee, settled in with Scrivener opened to Lights and Shadows, Parallax: Genesis, this blog, and a new project: Parallax: Darkfall.

I know, right? Planning a THIRD project?

The feeling seemed right, because once I looked in Parallax’s original story notes, I found a lot of items that I wrote up when the Trilogy was just one really big storyline. People, Places, and Things that didn’t end up in Parallax, but would work very well in either P:G or P:D. So, they got moved and the skeleton for the third book was born.

You’re probably scratching your head thinking, “But Wally, that doesn’t sound like procrastination at all. In fact, it sounds like you’ve been pretty gosh darned busy.”

Well, I did take 2 hours and 40 minutes to watch an animation someone did on YouTube of the Titanic sinking in real time. Totally unrelated to my writing projects, but pretty cool.

Then I worked on the Series Bible I put together ages for a proposed series that would pick up after the Trilogy ended. Same Pratt and DuBois, only new adventures out in Deep Space. Yada yada yada…heh.

Lights and Shadows? Glad you asked. In a roundabout sort of way, I’m working up my enthusiasm to dive in and make some progress on the story. You know, for a story that was supposed to kill some time while I relaxed in preparation for P:G, it’s become a big deal on its own. I’m all over the creative spectrum today and I’m loving every minute of it. This stuff is supposed to be fun.

Enough rambling for now. My Muse is whispering in my ear to get things moving again. Have a great day and Happy Writing.