What Makes People Buy Books?

I’m considering a foray into marketing my books and this gave some great insight into the process. Definitely recommended reading.

Under-Paid, Over-Enthused

Ah, marketing. Can you believe that before my book came out last month, I was actually excited to give it a try?

george of the jungle

Marketing is, it turns out, a jerk.

You wouldn’t think it’d be hard to sell eight hours of entertainment for literally less than the price of a cup of coffee, but alas, publishing is one of those funny industries in that it defies prettymuch everything every other one flourishes on. You can transfer from marketing beer to marketing makeup without too many hiccups, but beer to books? Nope. Don’t even try. Blogs warn about it, individual forums are dedicated to the assurance that no, it’s not just you: marketing books is a total craps shoot.

I mean, there’s some forms of marketing that do beautifully. Book covers are marketing at its finest: you see a gorgeous cover, you want to buy the book. You see a cover that’s…

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Four Books, Three Different Universes

While I was working on The Book Redesign Project, I took a moment to analyze what I’ve created thus far in terms of where they fit in their respective story universes. What I discovered was interesting, but not surprising in retrospect.

Corona, The Three Safeties:

Both of these books exist in The Falling Stars Universe (Falling Stars isn’t finished yet, but I have every intention of knocking it out one of these days. It’s one of those books that I always wanted to write, but have been delayed for one reason or another. A lot like how Parallax evolved to be.)


It occupies its own pocket universe, one that I’ve thought about revisiting but have shied away from because when your choices are War and War, it doesn’t leave much wiggle room. Apologies if I’ve inadvertently given out a plot spoiler.


The Flagship novel that established its own story universe. I’m working on the first of two sequels, Parallax: Genesis, as part of an overall book trilogy that I am thinking of expanding into a new series that will pick up where Parallax: Darkfall (as yet unwritten) leaves off.

All of these books are currently available through Amazon.com in both Kindle and Print formats. There is a link to my Amazon Author Page in the “About” Section of the Blog.