5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Cliffhangers

A really good breakdown on a technique that isn’t as easy to employ as most might think.

Christopher Kokoski

Your protagonist dangles precipitatously off the edge of a cliff by two fingers. A mother must choose which one of her kids to save.

Ah, the cliffhanger.

Using a cliffhanger or hook is a powerful way to end individual scenes or collectivechapters in your story.

“Cliffhangers, like little else, infuse writing with narrative tension, almost daring the reader not to flip the page.” – Christopher Kokoski

However, cliffhangers are also rife with misunderstanding and misuse.

In fact, there are five common ways writers consistently mess up with cliffhangers.

Here they are.

The Cliffhanger Snob

Sometimes writers mistakenly believe the cliffhangers lack the artistic sophistication necessary to be used by “real” authors.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Well my main focus here on my blog is commercial and genre writing, authors of all predilection have relied on this literary device to pump excitement into their work.

In fact, the…

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