New Book Covers Coming

After much thought, I’ve decided to give all of my current books richly deserved face lifts starting with my first, Corona. I didn’t come by this decision easily but I believe that it’s for the best. I’ll put up previews as I make the changes. 🙂

Playing with The Gray

There’s an aspect of self-publishing that often gets glossed over and that’s when you have to use your personal funds to improve the visual quality of your work. I’m not a cheap guy by any means, but it doesn’t take a house to fall on me to realize that when you’re a one-man band, you can’t rely on the “free” options forever. It sucks actually, but I’d prefer not to go back to the days when all I collected were rejection slips. I like the freedom that publishing my own work affords me and should a traditional publisher decide to swoop down and offer a lucrative contract, I’ll definitely reevaluate my position. Until then…

Begrudgingly, I am diverting funds to purchase pre-made book covers and eventually, some paid advertisement for my materials. Remember when I wrote about this being a juggling act? Well, Fate added a few spinning plates to the mix and as a result, I am one whirling dervish of activity to make this endeavor of mine mean something.

I blame my recent spate of blockage and feeling creatively stonewalled on having to deal with the realities of the path I’ve chosen. This is all my choice so it’s all on me. That youthful dream I had of overnight success has given way to a daily workout of writing, editing, pricing services and keeping office supplies in adequate supply. I have no regrets.

Don’t take this as me trying to dissuade anyone from doing something similar. Far from it. I want others to realize that if you want to play this particular game, you will need to learn how to wear several hats at once and keep those plates spinning and the balls in the air. It’s part and parcel of the process.

I do miss when all I had to concern myself with was just writing a good story.