A Month of Decisions

Yes, I know it’s April Fool’s Day.

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, on to today’s discussion:

Some of you may know that Lights and Shadows hasn’t been moving along as well as I had hoped. I’m still planning on getting it finished and out on Amazon by the end of this month, but time has been a premium of late and I’ve had to consider pushing back the deadline later. I don’t particularly want to do that because I want to start working on the sequels to Parallax.

It’s not that I’m losing interest in the story by any means. It’s just that I’ve been tired lately with the Day Job making demands on my time. I’m currently stuck halfway through Chapter 11 and trying desperately to get the story moving again. I have no real deadlines except those that I’ve placed upon myself but I don’t like leaving project unfinished and even a minor delay is enough to make me want to pull my hair out. Thankfully, I have hair to spare (See what I did there? Hehe)

I guess the real issue is do I persevere with Lights and Shadows no matter how long it takes, or do I put it on hold if not finished by April 30 in favor of starting Parallax: Genesis (Yes, it does have at least a title at this point)?

This is going to be an interesting month, to say the least.


11 thoughts on “A Month of Decisions

  1. I guess it depends on how badly you’re stuck. Maybe setting aside the one to start the other will get the creative flow going again and you can return to L and S with fresh ideas. I kind of hate leaving things hanging, too. So I get why you’d want to try and finish before starting the new one. But it might be better to keep writing something! Good luck, Wallace!

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