Coming Full Circle aka I Finally Got My Stuff from the US Copyright Office

I’ve been saying for months that my stuff from the US Copyright Office was on its way and while it certainly moved at the speed of Government, today it finally showed up in my PO Box. As part of my re-dedication to this funky path I’ve been on, I’ve decided to share the opening process with you all.

Cue the Music…

1) The Outer Envelope.

Outer Envelope

This is the packaging that it came in. No fanfare, no big deal. I know it looks a bit tired but I had walked down to the Post Office and had to stuff it in my jacket to protect it from the rain.

2) Return Mailing Address

OE Return Address

I felt the need to show this because the logo’s kind of cool and to dispel any doubts at this point. Did it work? Hehe.

3) Inner Contents

Inner Contents

Thankfully, the inner contents were protected by a clear plastic envelope(?). What you are looking at is part of the final receipt.

4) Inner Contents, Page 1

IC Page 1

The picture is a little blurry, but it’s supposed to be showing Page 1 of Paradox and some of the original copyright stamp.

5) Copyright Replacement Cover Sheet

Copyright Replacement Cover Sheet

I didn’t expect them to get this fancy with the replacement certificate, but it’s pretty cool.

6) Photocopy of the Original Copyright Certificate

Copy of Original Copyright Certificate

Well, that’s it. 25 years and about $300 to get this back into my hands. I started reading it earlier and I have to admit that the overall story is good, but there are some sections that kind of make me cringe a bit. Oh well, that’s what editing is for…again. 😉

Thanks for your time. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle aka I Finally Got My Stuff from the US Copyright Office

    • Yeah, it was a good surprise to finally have it in hand. I mean, I knew it would get to me eventually, but that day I didn’t expect it. Definitely a defining moment in my writing history. 🙂


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