Good News!

After a few days of unexplained anxiety, I got some news today that really lifted my spirits. The US Copyright Office called me today with news regarding my order for a replacement copyright certificate and manuscript for a story that I had had copyrighted back in 1990. Of course, what would be good news without the bad, and they informed me that I would have to pay an additional fee because the manuscript length exceeded their basic guidelines.

Now that the fees have been paid in full (everybody’s making money off my work but me), they assured me that I should get my materials sometime next week and profusely (literally every other phrase was “We’re sorry for the delay”) apologizing for the length of time. I didn’t even think to be snarky about the whole thing; I was relieved that my long wait was about to be over.

In total, I paid out somewhere in the neighborhood of $300.00 for a story that hadn’t seen a publisher or editor since at least 1990. I will most likely take it, edit and rewrite the crap out of it, and then publish it in hopes of recouping some of that expense. Still waiting for that call from Hollywood… 😉

Let this be a Life Lesson for you all: keep backups of all your work because some mistakes can cost you big time.

11 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. Consider me on the beta reading wait list as well 🙂 I really love tinkering with the WIPs of other authors and offering a (hopefully) fresh perspective.

    It’s stupid how much money they’re making you pay for this, but alas, I suppose $300 for 26 years is still worth it, eh?

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    • I was never thrilled with paying for my own work, but these things happen. Once I have it transcribed electronically, I’ll start asking for email addresses for those who want to read it. Of course, I’ll have to turn off my mental editor when I do the transcribing. I guess that $300 for a time capsule isn’t a terrible tradeoff…heh.


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