Winter has Finally Arrived

Well, it’s finally happened. The big snow dump I’ve been waiting for here in SE Pennsylvania and boy did Mother Nature ever take a dump on us. I don’t know the final tally, but we took enough inches to keep us satisfied until Summer.

I like snow. As long as I don’t have to do the following:

– Shoveling it
– Driving in it
– Walking in it
– Working in it
– Staying too long in it

Yep, I’m not a fan of anything snow-related outside of watching it fall and leave. Let’s face it, I’m not exactly a kid anymore and my days of sledding and tobogganing are way behind me.

I did notice something interesting when I was out in it a little bit ago. It was quiet. I’m not sure if the snow deadened the acoustics outside or merely kept the usual suspects indoors, but the silence had an unearthly quality about it. No echoes, no sounds reverberating off nearby structures. Nada.

I have no regrets about seeing such a snowfall. We’ve been lucky to have mild winters the past few years so we were due. Life goes on.

Thanks for your time. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Winter has Finally Arrived

  1. Where I am from, it doesn’t snow. It still snows in my country, but I live at the coast, and have never experienced snowfall. I have friends in America who have, over the years, enlightened me in regards to the fact that snow is not always ‘free and fun’ times, but can be hard work, and have some disastrous consequences. So I am aware of the difficulties.
    But for a lady who has never seen or experienced real life snow? I’m still focused on Snow Angels and Snow Men – one day, I will create both! 😉

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  2. Yes, snow deadens the natural acoustics you’re used to hearing outdoors. It’s one of the great things about snowfalls.

    I think snow is like living in the country…great when you’re a kid. As an adult, it’s not so great. First time you slip and really hurt yourself on the way to somewhere important and you lose your love of it.

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  3. We never get snow. I used to lament that as a child but now that I’m an adult, I don’t mind it at all. It’s nice to get one cold snap a year though, because sometimes we get a free day off work. Although last time that happened, my power lines froze and all my smoke detectors fritzed. Ugh. Almost not worth it to be up all night listening to that.

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