Character Development: Working for a Living

We are all shaped by our experiences and our fictional characters are no different. Unless you plan every character you ever write about to be independently wealthy, they’re going to need a way to pay the bills and put food on their tables. Yes, even the Fantasy guys.

Giving your characters occupations will open up a wide range of options in who they are and what kind of person they will be. For example:

1) Are they educated? If so, what level of education?

2) Do they like their job?

3) Does the job adequately meet their needs or do they have to struggle?

4) Is it just a job or is it their career?

5) How do they interact with their co-workers?

Obviously, the story will dictate what it needs, and these example questions are merely the tip of the iceberg, but it demonstrates the infinite directions you can go with this aspect of a character. I prefer to create characters that are independent in nature because I am independent by nature.

Giving your characters something to identify with is an important step in making them believable. Thanks for your time. 🙂