Expanding My Vision

We all have a certain way that we like to accomplish tasks. Some prefer to multitask while others like to take on one project at a time until it’s finished and then move on to the next.

I fall under the second column because I’ve found in the past that when I work on multiple things, I tend to spread myself too thin and then entropy sets in and kicks me on the backside. Not fun, to say the least.

However, I am a man of many ideas and those ideas must be documented for future expansion even if that future is somewhat far away.

For example:

I’ve always had this feeling that if I had created Star Trek, I could have done it better. Yes, there’s some ego there considering the visionary that was Gene Roddenberry, but I am a product of a different time and I can draw on experiences and perspectives that I am sure he couldn’t. Plus, I have more of a literary background as opposed to his television so I know I could take the concept and run a different race with it. Please don’t misinterpret what I am saying. I’m not talking about taking Star Trek and remaking it in my own image. I’m talking about taking the CONCEPT and creating an original set of stories how I would do it. Completely original with no resemblance whatsoever. With the copyright infringement lawsuits starting to pop up, it’s best not to put one in a set of legal cross-hairs. Although I have many more projects ahead of this one, it’s never far from my thoughts. Perhaps more whiskey…

It’s never easy when you have more ideas than time to write them all, but putting it all down on paper gives tons of benefits.