Prioritizing Writing Projects

It goes without saying that when you have multiple projects in the pipe that it can feel pretty darned hectic at times. It also goes without saying that it can be a major pain in the backside to prioritize those projects so that you get them done in a timely manner and not pull all your hair out in the process. 😉

Just kidding about the hair-pulling part…hehe.

One of my goals for the year was to relax more, which is difficult for someone like me who enjoys being busy. However, I am finding that the busier I get, the grumpier I start to be until I have to put the brakes on everything to catch my breath.

To that end, I’ve started to prioritize my writing projects in order to allow me more time to catch my breath, see what’s going on outside in the world at large, and basically clear my mind of all those niggling thoughts that nibble away at corners of my mind.

Lately, writing has started to feel like work and while I like to think of what I do as a second job, tagging it with the W-Word tends to remove the Fun Aspect and turn it into an assembly line affair. I don’t want that and a budding aversion is beginning to affect not only my fiction endeavors but also the blog itself. So, to combat that, I am limiting the articles to once a week for a while so I can relax more, stress less, and remember that I do this for fun first and potential income second.

After all, writing without having something to say lacks soul.


6 thoughts on “Prioritizing Writing Projects

  1. I like the idea of prioritizing otherwise it can get too hectic and disorganized and I am totally with you on the idea of stepping back. Once it gets much, one needs to do that and calibrate. Enjoy the putting up of your feet 😉

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  2. I had all these plans for my writing this week, but I’ve really been enjoying Fallout 4, lol. At first I felt kinda guilty about it, but you know, whatever makes me happy at the time. I’m also sick this week, and no good work ever gets done when my health isn’t there.

    So I think you’re right – it’s important to be productive but we gotta live a little too.

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    • I feel your pain there…hehe. Truth is that I’ve been a bit moody lately. I’ll blame it on the weather (getting colder here) but whatever the reason, I’ve been having a case of the “Fudge-its” lately. 😉


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