December Apathy

I don’t know what happened…

It seems like only yesterday when I felt like I was riding high and hard charging with Lights and Shadows, but when the calendar changed to December, I began to spend more and more time staring at Scrivener and sighing. I mean literally sighing. The story is going well and I know what to say and how to say it. But…

The words just won’t seem to come out…

I’m sure it’s a temporary thing, but damn if it isn’t frustrating as all get out to hit a wall. Not really a wall per se. More like a thick sheet of Nerf material and the problem with that is no matter how hard you try to punch through, it just absorbs the impacts and stands there mocking you.

I’ve been taking a number of small breaks here and there, but I know that unless I want another “It took almost two years to finish this book”, I have to get it in gear and make some progress. No one I know aspires to do absolutely nothing and I am no exception. I could blame this situation on the Holiday Season, but I’d just be copping to a lie.

I believe my main problem is the schedule I’ve set, which admittedly is pretty strenuous, but it has to be that way because if I allow myself too much leeway, I’ll procrastinate until Satan begins ice skating to work…hehe.

As you probably figured it, this is one of those “Oh My God, the Sky is Falling!” sort of articles and I’m blowing off some steam in print. Thanks for indulging me. 🙂

Well, back to writing. 😉