Writer First, Genre Second

It’s a little too easy at times to pigeonhole yourself into one particular type of writing. I love to write SciFi/Adventure, but I’m totally capable of writing other forms as well. I’ve touched on the subject of stretching yourself creatively in the past and it’s as true now as it was back then.

I’m beginning to get comments regarding “The Night Shift” asking if I am departing from SciFi. The answer is No, but I reserve the right to explore other subject matter as it strikes me. In fact, I’ve often considered my work to be Literary Science Fiction because I strive to produce a quality of work that is SciFi in nature, but Literary in its use of language.

I never set out on The Creative Path to be anything more than a writer. Granted, I lean toward Fiction because the research isn’t as strict and the fact-checking is nonexistent. The bottom line is that I am a Writer First and a Genre Writer Second. Thanks for your time. 🙂


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  1. Completely agree – I’m currently trying out a new genre for a short story, as well as having a female protagonist for the first time and come to think of it, no male characters at all. Not to tick boxes or pass the Betchdel Test, just to test myself and see if I’m capable of doing it.

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