The Journey Onward

I had an urge to do some free writing, so here’s something to brighten up your Wednesday. Enjoy. 🙂

His tears mingled with the wet sand as he knelt, pounding his fists until he had nothing left inside of him. They did it? They actually did blew it up and now he was marooned far away from the world he knew. There was always a part of him that hoped that his cynicism toward Mankind would be proven wrong, but as the broken monument loomed nearby, he was forced to accept the terrible realization.

He ripped a scrap of cloth from the rags across his waist and used it as a handkerchief to wipe the last of his grief away before throwing it away. After all, his world had been destroyed and what was the point of caring for the environment now?

His companion sat on her horse, watching him with confusion. She had never known any other existence. Her head jerked around behind them. The sound of a horn carried over the wind. They weren’t far behind. She grunted to him and pointed.

“I know,” He said as he adjusted the rifle slung across his back before climbing back onto his horse. “They’ll always be a few steps behind us.” He tightened his grip on the reins and urged the horse forward. Despite his grief, he gave the monument one final look as they passed by.

“Come on, Nova, we need to find more answers.”


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