Recapturing a Moment in Time, Part 3

I never thought that this particular article series would go for a third installment, but due to the assistance of a very cool friend, I will be feasting my eyes on my story, Paradox, for essentially the first time since 1990.

I’m very happy about these turn of events and I wanted to share with you all the good news. No, I’m not especially pleased about paying such exorbitant fees, but the longer I wait to recover this particular, the more I end up paying. So, eff it and bring on the plastic…hehe.

What are my future plans for Paradox?

Most likely, I will clean it up by updating it and then put it out as a new story on Amazon. One thing is for certain that I will not repeat the mistakes of the past and allow it to slip out of my hands again. My document scanner is not with me at the present time so it will be fun to retype the entire document into Scrivener before I bring it into the 21st Century. Obviously, more content will be added because in its present form, as I recall, it wasn’t exactly novel-length.

I will make this promise though that when it finally is back in my possession that I will post a special excerpt from the story for your reading enjoyment. Based on what the US Copyright Office told me over the phone earlier today, I should expect to have it sometime during the Second Quarter 2016, so next year should be a pretty interesting time for me.

Okay, that’s all for this installment and thanks for your time. 🙂