Recapturing a Moment in Time

Hi Guys,

This article is a bit personal to me so bear with me while I exhibit a few pangs of nostalgia. That being said…

There are moments that we all wish we could recapture, at least in spirit. For me, it’s a document in a file drawer in the Library of Congress that I have wanted to get back in my hands for the better part of 25 years. The document that I am referring to is a story that I wrote and had copyrighted back in 1990 entitled “Paradox”.

But Wallace, all writers have stories out there. What makes Paradox such a special obsession for you?

I was 17 years old when I started Paradox, 18 when I finished it (while being temporarily waylaid by service with The Navy), and 23 when I decided to copyright it and shop it around for publication. It was the first story that I wanted to specifically publish and to me, it represents a time capsule of sorts. Having it back in my possession is like grabbing a piece of those early days when I was insanely devoted to writing fiction and hadn’t gotten bogged down yet by creative rules and simply let the pure passion of putting down words take over me. It’s also very symbolic because not only does it give me a chance to see where I was, creatively, at that time, but also to complete an evolutionary circle of sorts and a new commitment to this life path that I’ve chosen to follow.

Those closest to me have said that putting out the funds for a story that old is best delayed, that it waited this long so why not wait a little longer? I disagree because although many of my older stories have been lost for different reasons, that first story has remained in safe keeping and deserves to belong with me to do with as I will. Maybe to revise and put it out as a new novel, maybe just to hold onto for nostalgia’s sake.

Whatever the reason, I believe that I am about to recapture a moment in time and regain something in myself that I’ve suspected has been hidden for far too long. Thanks for your time. 🙂


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  1. I say go for it. It’s your writing! It’s something you created. It would pain me if I ever lost any of my old work, even if it was really terrible. Our words are like our children, and even when they misbehave and disappoint us, we still need them close to us 😛

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