Nothing is Ever Written in Stone

Today’s discussion was prompted by a change I had to make while working on Lights and Shadows, Chapter 10. Yes, we’re going to find out what Finch found in the Lab and how it moves the investigation forward, but you’ll have to wait for the next update to find out what that will be. 😉

It is my general opinion that Creativity, as it applies to storytelling, is that anything created can be recreated and by extension, changed at will until The Final Draft. Yes, I’m Old School in that I don’t like to make a ton of updates once the final version is in place. Otherwise, nothing ever gets done and progress cannot be made. Period.

I’m rarely in love with a scene the first time I write it. Not enough detail, poorly described, doesn’t give a sense of Place and Time, etc. I am my own worst editor and critic. But I feel I have to be that way because if I don’t like it, my audience sure as hell won’t and I can’t have that. Yes, I often kill my darlings, but it’s necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the story at large.

Don’t fear change. If something doesn’t feel right, axe it and put something better in place. You can do it and only you know what is ultimately right for your story.