Lights and Shadows: Behind the Writing

Many of the things I’m about to touch on today I’ve talked about in the past so consider this article something of a review.

For all intents and purposes, Lights and Shadows is a pilot episode intended to introduce a prospective series that would follow the adventures of Zack Moreau and Marla Finch as they travel throughout the Galaxy dispensing Justice and getting into situations both humorous and not so much.

I’ve read (and been told) that writing a series demonstrates an author’s ability to sustain a storyline and longevity. I don’t know if that’s true or not; I simply write the stories that come to me and when they end, they end.

I also use each story that I write to experiment with new concepts and see how they play out in an ongoing effort to improve not only what I write but how I write it. Writing a good story means a lot more to me than good reviews or even whatever compensation I may receive from them so the better I get, the more satisfied I become.

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