Scene Setting: The 5 Ws and an H

There are many ways to create a story scene. Some jump in with a pile of exposition and go it from there while others trickle the information slowly as if from a honeydripper.

I prefer to use an old technique from my days writing newspaper articles. That technique is using the “5 Ws and an H”.

What is that?

When I am setting up a scene, I ask myself six basic questions:

1) Who is the focus of the Scene?

2) What is the action?

3) When is the Scene happening?

4) Where is the Scene taking place?

5) Why is the Scene happening? What is its purpose within the Story?

6) How do the characters get from the beginning to the end of the Scene?

This technique doesn’t always work, but I have found that in most cases, it does a great job in laying the groundwork for the writing and it has carried me up to this point so it must have something useful going for it.

How do you set up your scenes? Please share your tips and techniques in the comments. Thanks for your time. 🙂