Go on a Flight of Fancy

I love to write about Writing so here’s one I hope you will enjoy.

Dictionary.com (quoting The American Heritage Idioms Dictionary) defines “Flight of Fancy” as:

An unrealistic idea or fantastic notion, a pipe dream. For example, She engaged in flights of fancy, such as owning a million-dollar house. This idiom uses flight in the sense of “a soaring of the imagination,” a usage dating from the mid-1600s.

The definition reads rather puritanical, doesn’t it? Using words like unrealistic, fantastic, and phrases like “a pipe dream” would lead one to think that it is not a good thing.

I disagree.

As humans, we possess many extraordinary gifts such as the power of communication, invention, and the ability to think beyond the ordinary into the fantastic. Our imaginations allow us to take ideas from the abstract and make them real and that’s nothing to sneeze at or scoff over. Every invention we take for granted started out as an idea and became something that often we take for granted. Even the pipe, smoking and otherwise started out as a dream.

Writers are masters at taking the fantastic or unrealistic and putting them in a form that people pay tickets to visit in the form of book sales and movies fares. Every one of you that puts pen to paper or hands to keyboard is engaging in a proud tradition that dates back to when Ugg The Slacker first scratched on a stone tablet.

Be proud, be resolute….but God Damn it, be writing. 😉

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