When Scenes Get Awkward

There are many theories on how a story should flow. The prevailing theory is that there should be a rising sequence of action that goes to a climax before descending to The End. That’s not a bad way to go, but my experience tells me that stories that capture and keep my interest are those that flow more like a sine wave with high points and low points distributed throughout the Plot.

Writing high-energy scenes come pretty easy to me. Start off with some tension, add a little conflict and then season to taste with interesting character interactions. They’re also damned fun to write.

However, the part where I tend to stumble a little are those low points in between. The characters have finished with a major event and are now either winding down or recovering from their wounds. Thankfully, I have plotted out where the story goes but I have to admit that there are times when it seems to drag itself out and becomes a fight to move things forward to the next big action scene. After all, even fictional characters need downtime and the last thing I want is the local Fictional Characters Union 666 Chapter to come knocking on my computer screen and threatening a beat down with colorful metaphors. 😉