Lights and Shadows: Progress Update

I haven’t updated you all on where I am with Lights and Shadows in almost a month, what with all the articles I’ve been writing about Parallax of late. Hopefully, this will make up for that. There’s no excerpt because I don’t feel that I’ve made enough progress to allow for it at the present time. Soon, my darlings, soon. 😉

1. The Writing: Getting through Chapter 9 (yes, still) has been something of an arduous task, mostly because I keep finding new and innovative ways to distract me from devoting the full force of my creative abilities to move it forward. Don’t fret though, I’ll get it together and on time for my December deadline. Did I mention that I don’t like deadlines? Of course I have…hehe.

2. The Budget: I’m planning on purchasing a pre-made cover for Lights and Shadows once I get the funding in place to do so. I’ve seen some nice ones out there. I’ll still do my own editing (can’t afford an outsider) but that’s a conversation for another day. When you use your personal funds, you have to settle on a certain level of quality that may not be at your personal standard. I suppose the trick is to find some middle ground that doesn’t make you cringe too much once you apply your name to the front cover.

3. The Series?: I plan every book to have the potential to be expanded to a regular series. However, I have a LOT of writing projects (28 to be exact) that I want to write so I have to be extremely selective about which ones go to Series and which ones end up as standalone stories. Of course, in the end, the determining factors will be audience interest and plot expansion. Like putting Spandex on a whale (the ocean one), you can only cram so much material into one casing before things get a little distorted.

4. My Sanity: Writing my books tend to take a lot out of me and this year I have been writing my butt off with little regard for luxuries like sleep and whatnot. Add a day job to the mix and promoting Parallax and it’s a recipe for pure unadulterated fun with plenty of time for muttering at the keyboard while I write. Of course I’m crazy; I sit at a laptop and make up stuff. It doesn’t get crazier than that, but at least I’m having fun while I do it…hehe. Writing these articles go a long way toward keeping perspective and getting in some important writing practice.

Anyway, that’s where I stand. Moreau and Finch are still hanging out in a research facility with the dead crew stacked up like cord wood while an unknown danger prowls the lower levels. Isn’t that just cheerful? 😉